Podvarak, Serbia – Video

Do you know what is Podvarak? Me neither! But when I met my friend Slobodan and proposed him to be the first guest of my cooking project, he introduced me into the world of the Serbian cuisine (honestly, I was not very familiar with it…) but I must say I was pleasantly surprised! Slobodan loves to cook and to eat as much as I do so when he dared me to cook Podvarak I knew I was going to cook something special in the Serbian culture.

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My name is Xisco and I am very passionate with everything related with food. Some months ago my friends Antonia and Slobodan and my wife Cristina proposed to make a cooking show to upload on youtube and after a lot of time brainstorming here is the result.

The main idea is to meet people from around the world and they have to explain briefly a recipe. Then I have to cook it for them and after all they have to try the result and judge it.

The difference in our videos is that I am going to cook only with the information that our guest gives me because I promise not to google it. This way I won’t know until the end if my food is similar to our guest’s memory. I hope it will work…