Porco na lata (Pork in a can), Brazil – Video


Were you waiting for the new episode?? Me too! In this show my friend Roberta joined us to explain us a typical recipe from Brazil. When we invited Roberta to take part in our project I was 99% sure that she would propose me to cook feijoada, coixinha or brigadeiro but…I failed! To my surprise she suggested me to cook “Porco na lata“, a traditional dish from the region Minas Gerais in Brazil.


Roberta thought Porco na lata would be a nice idea because it shows a not common cooking process. That is Confit! Confit means to marinate a piece of meat with salt and some spices and then cook it in the fat of the animal. Probably you heard before about duck confit: The most famous recipe using this method and typical from France.

But I must say that this is more than a dish. It is a preservation method. After cooking the meat, you put it in a can or a glass and cover it with the fat you used for the cooking process and you close the recipient with a top. Doing so, you can store the meat for several months! Imagine you wake up on a Sunday after a long party night with the worst hangover of your life and this amazing fatty meal is in the fridge waiting for you. No delivery service would give you this awesome meal! Thank you, I love you too!

Porco na lata, also known as canned happiness

To sum up, grab the biggest pot you have and fill it up. Believe me, it’s worth it!

After talking with Roberta, this is what I understood Porco na Lata should be:


  • 3kg pork ribs
  • 4 tbsp. salt
  • 2 tbsp.fennel seeds
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 tbsp. grounded black pepper
  • 10 garlig cloves
  • 2,5kg lard
  • Put the salt, fennel seeds, black pepper and the mashed garlic cloves in a bowl.
  • Mix the spices with the rips.
  • Cover the recipient with plastic film and let it marinate for 24h in a cold and dark place.
  • Put the lard in a pot and warm it up until it melts.
  • Add the meat to the pot and let it cook for 3-4h at low temperature. It doesn’t have to fry! You’ll see that the lard bubbles lightly.
  • The meat is done when you can separate it very easily from the bones.
  • Once it’s cool down, put the meat in the cans and cover it up one centimeter with the fat from the pot. Close it and store it up to 6 month in the fridge.
  • The day you want to eat it, you’ll see that the fat looks very solid and white. When you warm it up becomes liquid and you can easily take the ribs out.
  • Pan-sear the meat to get a golden roasted color and enjoy!

TIP: Use the fat from the can to cook some french fries: They’ll be the best of your life!



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