Original “Porco na lata”

I must say that Roberta explained me very well how to cook Porco na lata but, since I promise not to look for the original recipe on the Internet, at the end I always feel to change something. Trust me when I say I’m cooking only with the information my guests provide me!

For this recipe Roberta proposed a cooking technique: the Confit. Confit means to cook something covered in fat at slow heat for a looooooong time. In this case it was meat. The result of using this technique is similar to boil meat for long BUT in this way the result is much tastier and juicier.

This time I only changed TWO things from the original recipe:

– In the original recipe I’ve seen that no marinade is prepared. I checked many recipes but none of them use a marinade. Anyway, I’m happy that at Roberta’s home they prepare this marinade because I think it’s an amazing idea: it definitely adds much more flavour to the dish.

-I’ve seen as well that the temperature of the oil is higher than the temperature I’ve used to cook the dish. At the end of the cooking process (1 1/2-2h), the meat should look already golden and crispy and in my recipe it wasn’t.


If you think that pulled pork is the tastiest way to eat pork, that’s because you never tried Porco na lata! It’s softer, the fibres shred super easily, the marinade adds amazing flavours… Imagine a battle between two WWE fighters: “Porco na Lata” Vs “Pulled Pork”. “Pulled Pork” is on the ring prepared to defend his World Championship, but suddenly “Porco na Lata” shows up in the stadium, the music starts and “Pulled Pork” feels cold and some humidity on his tights, he knows he is going to bite the dust! For me “Porco na Lata” is the John Cena of the cooked meat.


  • Lard.
  • Pork meat. In this case ribs.
  • Salt.
  • Season the ribs.
  • Put the lard in a pot and heat it up.
  • Put the ribs in the pot. The meat has to be covered by the fat.
  • Let it cook at low temperature for 1h 30min – 2h until it’s gold and crispy.  The difficulty of this recipe is to control the temperature of the fat. It’s good to start with low temperature and if it is too low you can always raise it. At the end has to be bubbling.
  • When it’s done, put the meat in some jars or cans and cover it with the fat of the pot. In order to preserve the meat during months, remember that the fat has to cover it 2 cm up.
  • Close the container with a top and when is completely cold, store it for 6 months in a dark and cold place.

Here I post a video of real Porco na Lata. There you can watch some professionals cooking this amazing recipe. If you have any doubt,, feel free to comment!



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