This chapter of “Let’s talk about food, baby!” is very special for me. First of all because I met Aaron, a very gentle and nice guy and because he is from MEXICO!!!!!

I think the first time I went to a “Mexican” restaurant in Spain was about 10 years ago. I remember I ate fajitas, nachos with guacamole and brownie with vanilla ice cream. It looked like Mexican food to me, probably like if you order some paella and they put chorizo. It may looks like a typical dish but it isn’t at all!

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Porco na lata (Pork in a can), Brazil – Video


Were you waiting for the new episode?? Me too! In this show my friend Roberta joined us to explain us a typical recipe from Brazil. When we invited Roberta to take part in our project I was 99% sure that she would propose me to cook feijoada, coixinha or brigadeiro but…I failed! To my surprise she suggested me to cook “Porco na lata“, a traditional dish from the region Minas Gerais in Brazil. Continue reading “Porco na lata (Pork in a can), Brazil – Video”